Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education
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S.No. Teacher Name  Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Mamta Mishra Principal M.A., B.Ed. Phd. 
2 Mrs. Aekta Sharma PGT M.A., B.Ed.
3 Mr. Alap Mukherjee PGT MCA
4 Mrs. Anila Mathur PGT B.Com. , Diploma in Fashion Design
5 Mrs. Archana Chaturvedi PGT M.Com., B.Ed.
6 Mr. Arvind Pareek PGT M.Sc., B.Ed.
7 Mrs. Garima Mishra PGT M.Sc., B.Ed.  
8 Dr. Harshika Pareek PGT M.A., Psychology, Phd.
9 Mr. Ishant Kedawat PGT B.Tech., M.Sc.B.Ed.
10 Mr. Krishan Singh PGT MCA
11 Ms. Lipika Datta PGT M.A., B.Ed.
12 Mrs. Mandira Das PGT M.Com., B.Ed.
13 Mr. Mustafa Khan PGT M.Com., B.Ed.
14 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Dubey PGT M.A. , B.Ed.
15 Dr. Prashansa Gaur PGT M.A. ,M.Ed. Phd.
16 Mrs. Saroj Sharma PGT M.A., B.Ed.
17 Mrs. Soniya Sharma PGT M.Sc., B.Ed. M.Phil.
18 Mrs. Suman Jain PGT M.Sc., B.Ed.  
19 Mrs. Vijaya Majumdar PGT M.A., B.Ed.
20 Mrs. Vineeta Sophie Rai PGT M.A., B.Ed. 
21 Mrs. S.Chakravorty PGT M.A., B.Ed.
22 Mrs. Anuradha Chakraborty TGT B.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA, M.A. Music
23 Mrs. Beena Sharma TGT M.A. ,Dip. in Applied Art 
24 Mr. Laxman Singh TGT M.Sc.,B.Ed. 
25 Mrs. Madhu Solanki TGT B.Sc., M.Ed.
26 Mrs. Mani Mathur TGT M.A., B.Ed.
27 Mrs. Manju Panwar TGT M.A.,B.Ed.
28 Mrs. Manju Sharma TGT M.A.,(Music)
29 Ms. Merlin Joseph TGT M.A.,  B.Ed.
30 Mrs. Neelam Hada TGT M.A.,B.Ed.
31 Mrs. Neelam Sharma TGT M.Sc., B.Ed.  
32 Mr. Ratan Lal Saini TGT B.A.B.Ed. 
33 Mrs. Ruchi Sain TGT M.A., B.Sc.Fashion Design
34 Mrs. Rupalim Mahanta TGT M.A.,  B.Ed.
35 Mrs. Seema Mathur TGT M.A., B.Ed.
36 Mrs. Seema Sood TGT M.Sc., B.Ed. 
37 Mrs. Shashi Gupta TGT M.A.,B.Ed.
38 Mrs. Suman Modi TGT M.Com. B.Ed. 
39 Mrs. Tanya Sharma TGT M.Com. ,B.Ed., MBA 
40 Mrs. Veena Zadoo TGT B.A.,B.Ed. 
41 Mrs. Ajay Sharma TGT B.Sc. ,B.Ed.
42 Mrs. Anju Rathore TGT M.A., B.Ed. 
43 Mr. Govind Singh TGT M.A.,  B.Ed.
44 Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur TGT M.A., NET
45 Mrs. Monika Choudhary TGT M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.
46 Mrs. Niti Sharma TGT M.A.,B.Ed.
47 Mr. Pushpendra Singh Naruka TGT M.Sc., B.Ed. 
48 Mrs. Santosh Tambi TGT M.A.,  B.Ed.
49 Mrs. Seema Sharma TGT M.A., B.Ed.
50 Mrs. Seema Srivastava TGT B.Sc., B.Ed.
51 Mrs. Shaista Quazi TGT B.Sc.B.Ed.
52 Mrs. Shikha Saxena TGT M.A.B.Ed.
53 Ms. Somya Mittal TGT M.Sc., NET
54 Mrs. Annu Ahlawat PRT B.TECH
55 Mrs. Anupama Gaur PRT M.A. ,B.Ed.
56 Mr. Deen Dayal Sharma PRT B.Com. B.Ed.
57 Mrs. Deepti Bhatt PRT B.Sc.  B.Ed.
58 Mrs. Dimple Sharma PRT M.A., B.Ed.
59 Mrs. Hansa Sharma PRT M.Com., B.Ed.
60 Mrs. Mala Gupta PRT M.A.,B.Ed.
61 Mrs. Mamta Fular PRT M.A., NTT
62 Mrs. Manisha Devi PRT M.A. B.Ed.
63 Mrs. Neeru Mathur PRT M.A., D.E.C.C.E.
64 Mrs. Neha Beaspal PRT B.Tech.
65 Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur PRT M.A. , B.Ed.
66 Mrs. Pratishtha Purohit PRT M.A., B.Ed., PGDCA
67 Mrs. Shweta Kahre PRT B.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA
68 Mrs. Sonali Pandey PRT B.Sc.PGDM
69 Mrs. Piyali Bhattacharya PRT M.Sc.
70 Mrs. Suman Sharma PET 12th, M.PEd.
71 Mr. Ramakant Surolia Librarian M.A. ,M.Lib. M.Sc.IT, B.Ed.
72 Ms. Manisha Pareek Art  Teacher MFA (Fine Arts), (Dip. In Graphic Design)
73 Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma Librarian Diploma in Library Science
74 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Surolia Music Teacher Sangeet Vishard
75 Mr. L. Magha Sharma Art Teacher B.A., Diploma in  Drama 
76 Mrs. Gunjan Gupta Yoga Teacher M.A. B.Ed. DNY, DNYS
77 Mrs. G. Sorojini Devi Dance Teacher B.A., PG - Dance
Number of Teaching Staff(to be updated time to time)
Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching Staff/non-teaching staff
(to be updated from time to time)
Total Emoluments
  From (Rs.) To (Rs.)
Principal 44397-
PGT 27074 39890
TGT 23179 34833
PRT 20677 23179
PTI 20677 22179
OTHERS 16000 32000

Mode of payment of salary

Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing- CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA
Through single cheque transfer advice YES
Individual cheque NO
Cash NO
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