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SUBJECT ENRICHMENT: 20 MARKS WILL BE AWARDED as a part of the latest assessment given by CBSE. Use ONE SCRAP BOOK for all charts/ pictures.

  • Read English Newspaper daily.
  • Read a story from English Literature Reader and any other story books daily.
  • Leran English school song.
  • Find and learn new words in English.
  • Do  cursive  writing  “ The Curve’s’ one page daily.
  • Watch English quality programmes.
  • Learn tongue twisters given in copy and add some more.
  • In a  scrap book paste pictures of the places you visited in summer holidays/ or any new skill that you have learnt.

Write about it in brief (50 – 60 words) . What, when where, how, by whom etc.

  • CH -1 Revise  Chapter ( Do practice in practice note- book)
  • Learn tables 2 to 15.
  • Value of money.
  • In  summer vacations when you will go for outing, collect bills or keep a check of all the items you have paid for and make a list of total expenditure and write some lines.
  • Use colourful cutouts of 5 different shapes to make an object (any model).
  • Read and learn L-3, 10
  • Prepare a model of the solar system.
  • Make a chart of ten road signs that we see on the road in a scrap book.
  • Visit a nearby garden, collect different kinds of leaves and paste it in a scrap book.
  • Take green gram seeds and soak them overnight. Observe change and note it in your scrap book and give reason in 50-60 words, why it is so?
  • Read the newspaper every day. Note down the tempreture, humidity, whether it will be sunny day or a cloudy day. Make a record in a file.
  • Make a model of different landforms.
  • Learn all the work done in copy.
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